A Hidden Gem; Ennis, MT

A Hidden Gem; Ennis, MT
A small town with a lot to give- an amazing vacation destination for the whole family; a true Montana experience.


Poached Salmon

Today, I would like to talk about fear. Cooking seafood or any kind of fish was my least experienced area of cuisine. However, I found it to be quite simple, easy and actually delicious! I found myself afterward thinking to myself I can’t believe I was the one who made that. Living in America, you…

Grandma Hilja’s Spice Cookies

  When I moved out to Montana to be with my husband so he could finish his degree, I put all my dreams on hold. With only a year left, I was beginning to get extremely antsy. To keep myself from going insane from impatience, I decided to master some of my own family’s traditional…

Introducing Finland and Myself

Surprisingly, not a lot of people know very much about Finland. I can confidently say that 90% of people that I tell that I am Finnish stare blankly back at me with an awkward silence. They then ask me “finished with what?” Finland is an amazing country nuzzled in the middle of Russia, Norway and…