Beynac-et-Cazadene, France; A Fairy-tale Village

If you ever wondered what a fairy-tale looked like… I will show you.


A Hidden Gem; Ennis, MT

A Hidden Gem; Ennis, MT
A small town with a lot to give- an amazing vacation destination for the whole family; a true Montana experience.

A Thailand Adventure

Thailand is quite the glorified vacation destination. So, what makes it so amazing? We chose Phuket for our honeymoon during an off season and it was amazing! There were many things I wish I had known ahead of time; good, bad, beautiful and delicious. If you are considering going to Southern Thailand, this will help…

Introducing Finland and Myself

Surprisingly, not a lot of people know very much about Finland. I can confidently say that 90% of people that I tell that I am Finnish stare blankly back at me with an awkward silence. They then ask me “finished with what?” Finland is an amazing country nuzzled in the middle of Russia, Norway and…